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  • September 29th show

    Due to the rain we have received this week the arena is too wet to have a horse show. We are NOT going to reschedule. If you have any questions, please call Chris or Melinda.

  • Tractor Help Needed!

    June 3, 2018 Posted by Melinda Griffin

    The Posey County Saddle Club needs help in purchasing the tractor we currently use to pull our new groundhog to work up the area. It is owned by Dennis Adamson, he has so generously lent the fair board, motor cross, and the saddle club use of his two tractors over the years but now wishes to sell them.

    Dennis asking $10,000 for the tractor we are using and has come to us first.  We have provided maintenance for this tractor for the last several years. Problems have arisen due the number of people that have access to this tractor and who is liable for its repairs, gas, oil etc. Currently Chris also brings a second tractor to the fairgrounds to pull the water tank and shouldn’t be expected to bring two tractors to take care of the arena during each show.

    The motor cross is purchasing the smaller tractor; the tractor we are currently using for the arena is the size needed to pull our groundhog and it would cause us great difficulty if we have to buy another tractor of its size.  Currently the saddle club can come up with $5,000.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Please send your tractor sponsorship to Melinda Griffin – treasurer PCSC, 840 Turner Road, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620, or give money to Barb at our next horse show.

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